Thursday, April 29, 2010


Do you have a facebook account?If you do,do you check it everyday?I do consider myself a facebook addict my day wouldn't be complete without visiting facebook.I just love to see all of my friends updates and of course their latest pictures.So glad to know how happy they are with their respective families.What i love about facebook is i can freely share my thoughts and post pictures as well.But i keep my profile private though i don't want everyone to see my page it is strictly for my friends only.I don't just add people whom i don't know and never meet in person before.That's why i only have few friends in my friend list.

"You Gotta See This" Video Contest Winners

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When i was in high school i love wearing those fancy glasses just to look like a smart kid,i know i was silly.But when i got married i found out how difficult it is to deal with,especially when you are using it all the time.My husband wear it all the time except during night time.

Anyway If you wanna see a fun video you should check out this iLASIK Video Contest.I just watch the video a minute ago.If i would have known this iLASIK Video Contest earlier i would definitely convince my husband to join.Its about people who have had ilasek and believe they see better than they did before the surgery.The winner win a cash and prizes including the $5,000 Grand Prize.How easy is that, all they have to do is tell everybody how ILASEK change their lives.

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Life Challenges

Life Challenges is about facing the difficult times in life. We all struggle with different hurts, hang-ups and habits.Life Challenges hit us when we least expect them. We might have it all figured out, and then, boom our life is upside down.If you’re in one, or you know somebody who is suffering, you should find solution about it before it will totally ruin your life.