Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wanna Lose Weight??

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Slim-Fast for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

We had a fun day today, my husband took a day off so we decided to visit my friend to see her new baby. She just give birth to a baby boy two weeks ago, i wasn't able to visit her in the hospital because we were very busy preparing for the holiday. Anyway, i was amazed how fast she lose weight, she doesn't look like she just had a baby.I think the breastfeeding helps her lose weight quick. I don't know why its very easy for some people to lose weight, unfortunately I'm one of those people who always have a problem when it comes on losing weight.

 I don't know how i gained 10 lbs in just 3 weeks, its really frustrating. All my clothes doesn't fit me anymore, and because of that i don't want to go anywhere i just want to stay at home, I'm depressed and lonely all the time. I know i need to do something about it. I might start my diet next week after New Year.

 I'm planning to buy the new Slim-Fast . I heard about this from a friend of mine, she said that it works for her.I hope it will work for me too. I'm excited to try the Slim Fast Shakes , I heard that they really taste good. I even asked my friend if she could bring me a sample of slim fast shakes this weekend, she will be in our house for New Year. She already told me where i could buy it, it is available in the pharmacy sections of grocers and retailers nationwide, including Wal-Mart, Target, Safeway and Kroger.

 Anyway, below are the information on the Slim-Fast 3•2•1 Plan •

 3 Snacks: Three nourishing snacks a day such as Slim-Fast 100-calorie snack bars, fruit, nuts or veggies • Slim-Fast 100-calorie snack bars provide a delicious calorie-controlled snack to help curb sweet cravings between meals •

 2 Slim-Fast Shakes or Meal Bars per day: Slim-Fast shakes and meal bars are delicious and satisfying, providing the balanced nutrition of a meal and up to four hours of hunger control •

 1 Balanced Meal: Enjoy one balanced 500-calorie meal per day. As a rule, try to fill half your plate with veggies, a quarter with protein, and a quarter with whole grains.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Scrubs for her

Today was such a busy day for us, my husband and I woke up early this morning. We start our day with a cup of coffee. We love to drink coffee in the morning especially in cold weather. Between the two of us, we could drink close to 2 pots of coffee a day. Yes, that's how much we love coffee. To be honest, I don't drink coffee before but after 7 years of living with my husband i learned to love the smell and taste of coffee. I'm like my husband now, morning will not be complete without a cup of good coffee.

Anyway, when i made our coffee this morning, i noticed that some parts of our coffer maker is broken. That might be he reason why it takes a while to make a pot of coffee. I told my husband about it and he asked me to buy the parts online. I might also buy medical scrubs online for my niece in Philippines. She needs a new one for their upcoming clinical which is next month. My cousin told me about She said she bought all her scrubs on this store, so i might buy mine from them. Let see if i could find the color my niece wants.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My new Phone

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG DoublePlay™ for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I finally switched to another cellphone provider couple weeks ago.  I have been a good costumer to them for years but sad to say , this network doesnt know how to value their costumer. I dont want to go in details of what happen, im just glad  i finally get rid of them.I should have done it long time ago but oh well, better late than never.

I am now happy with my current provider which is  T-Mobile, and most especially i am very happy with my new phone the  LG DoublePlay™.  I like how this phone works and all the extra features that comes with it.  With the split QWERTY keyboard and dual capacitive touch screens, this phone  allows you to perform multiple tasks at once.  I can now update my Facebook pages while simultaneously surfing the Web, texting or checking  my email. Isnt that awesome? And my favorite part, i can  download and share my pictures and videos on Facebook right on my cellphone. 
This phone really works great for me and for everyone else who love social networks like facebook and twitter. The LG DoublePlay really  change the way i text and interact with Social Networks, everything is so handy from texting to updating my social network accounts.  I am a facebook addict and i used to spend  hours on my laptop  but not anymore, thanks to my new phone The LG DoublePlay, i can now go online whenever i want. Texting is also so much easier than before, i send more than 300 text messages a month and with The LG DoublePlay multiple messaging options, i have the ability to send and receive texts from a PC or tablet or create group chats on the go for faster, more efficient content sharing.

You guys should check out  LG DoublePlay™ im sure you will love it too.  Anyway, how many hours do you guys spend texting or engaging with their Social Networks on your phone? How do you think The LG DoublePlay would change the way you text or interact with your Social Networks? Plese leave the answers to my questions in the comments below..Thank you in advance..

NOTE:  This phone is available exclusively at T-Mobile

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