Monday, June 27, 2011

Life Without Computer

What would life be without computer? Life will be so boring without computers.I am a stay at home mom and when the boredom attack my computer is always there to comfort me.Computer doesn't only makes our life easier but it will also help us cure our boredom, especially if you are a stay at home mom like me.Computer is already part of my daily routine.When all my chores are done expect me to be in front of my computer.In fact I have owned a number of laptops, some of them are not working anymore or they are already broken.Right now we have 3 laptops and one PC that are working.

Recently,I am looking into purchasing an apple ipad instead of a laptop.Its my dream to own an ipad since ipad was first launched in the market.But our budget was tight when the first ipad come out,hopefully this time i can find a great price that would fit our budget.I already know where to buy iPad sleeve once my new ipad is here.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

When you are ‘in love’

When you are ‘in love’ you will feel a strong bond between you and the other person. You will always be on the lookout for this person. You will be happy whenever the person you are in love which acknowledges you. This acknowledgement could be a mere look, a polite nod, etc. The feeling of being in love is one of the most beautiful of them all. You will find that everything around you is bright, sunny, optimistic, happy, etc. Being in love is a unique experience all human being should undergo. The experience can teach us reach new heights in maintaining and nurturing relationship.

It is difficult to conceal love from others especially when the person you love is around you. People who know you well will immediately notice the difference in your attitude. When you are ‘in love’ there is no hiding your feelings as much you may try. You will end up expressing love one way or the other.

Your being in love however should be conveyed to the right person perfectly. Again in the matters of the heart the faster you convey the better it is. There are many ways you can convey these feelings. However, you should know whether this person nurtures similar feelings towards you.

You can know whether or not the person you are in love with. You can simply use some practical knowledge and divine signals. This can be conveyed to you successfully through psychics. They can use the information or photograph of the person and summon special energies for letting you know whether the person you are in love with is in love with you too.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What is True Love

The true love is something that everyone wants to feel, but it is a fact that only a little part of the people has the luck to meet her. What is actually the true love? That is the most beautiful thing that can happen to someone, because that is one shared feeling. When you meet someone and fall in love with him that is not the true love still. If this person shares your feelings that still is not the true love.

But it is true that this is the first step to that amazing feeling. The true love is something more then falling in love. She is at the first place trust, because without him every relationship is fated and can’t survive a long time. When you have trust in your partner you are anxiety-free. That must be shared because when the one person in the relationship believes in the other, but the other don’t do this, this leads to problems and probably to broke up. The true love is a friendship. You must to can be not only lover to your partner, you must be his friend.

Your partner must be the man from who you can ask for advice and who you can say your secrets, because he will not say to no one else this things, he wouldn’t be betrayed you. It is a true love when you can talk about everything with the person who you are in love with. Exactly the talking is the most important thing for the true love, because when the partners talk, they can find a decision to every problem, which they have. One big part of the couples breaking up, because they can’t or don’t want to talk. When the love is a true love, she can survive everything. Every problem is a test for the feelings and strength of one relationship. The true love is help. When you really love someone you are ready to help him right away and to do everything for him.

Of course this must be shared. The true love is care, because when you are in love with someone you make everything that your partner can feel fine and loved. When the love is a true love this fact automatically eliminates the egoism, because now you are not alone and you must thing about the wishes, which have the person with who you are. When you love someone you want to make him happy. The true love means support too. The feeling when you know that by you stands someone who loves you and every time will support you, is really great. One love is true when the two in the relationship are frank and honest.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Surprised

I was surprised the other day when my husband come home with his new car.My eyes got really big when i saw the car,I didn't even know that he already picked one.I love the new car,i love everything about it,the color,the cool features and the brand of the car.My son also love his new ride,he was busy telling everybody about his dady`s new car.This car has a lot of cool features in it but of course you have to pay extra for that.One of the cool features that this car has is the open roof.I mean you can open the roof forward or backward,very helpful for this kind of weather.You don't have to turn the air on, the fresh air should be enough to cool you down during summer time.

But someday when i start driving i prefer to own a used car than a new one.The obvious reason why so many people prefer to buy a used cars instead of a new one is simple,because of money.Used cars are less expensive and way cheaper than brand new one.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011


I have always had a passion for food and cooking and have always enjoyed exploring and creating self catering recipes.I grow to love cooking, when i was a little girl I always helped my grandma cooked,this is how I developed a passion for cooking.She is a great cook and she inspired me to continue cooking.And now that I'm married I spend more time in the kitchen than in any other room in the house.In fact we don't really go out and eat at the restaurant very often because I love to cook at home.My family enjoyed my simple and healthy food.We are not only saving money by not eating out but we also get to eat healthy food which is the most important especially if you have a children.

Today i found a great travel cookbook website that will help me plan my cooking menu.In their website you’ll find a variety of simple to make starters, mains and desserts,whether you are looking for easy,healthy and even authentic food to serve at your party.If you are planning a fabulous party visit for a delicious recipes.You can browse hundreds of dishes from 15 different countries.And since i love Thai food i want to try their PAD THAI recipe.I always order this food every time we eat in Thai restaurant, knowing that i can now cook it myself makes me soo excited.

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Why Do We Fall in Love?

We've all experienced love. We've loved (and been loved by) parents, brothers, sisters, friends, even pets. But romantic love is different. It's an intense, new feeling unlike any of these other ways of loving.

Why Do We Fall in Love?
Loving and being loved adds richness to our lives. When people feel close to others they are happier and even healthier. Love helps us feel important, understood, and secure.But each kind of love has its own distinctive feel. The kind of love we feel for a parent is different from our love for a baby brother or best friend. And the kind of love we feel in romantic relationships is its own unique type of love.

Our ability to feel romantic love develops during adolescence. Teens all over the world notice passionate feelings of attraction. Even in cultures where people are not allowed to act on or express these feelings, they're still there. It's a natural part of growing up to develop romantic feelings and sexual attractions to others. These new feelings can be exciting — or even confusing at first.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Annoying Headache

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Cheating Husband

Cheating husbands leave many signs and with a bit of detective work, a wife can catch her husband with sold proof. Many wives make the mistake of hiring an expensive detective or purchasing pricey spy equipment. However, if you are aware of some of the signs of a cheating husband and know your husband’s behavior and habits well, you simply need to follow your gut instinct. Most of all, be patient. Give yourself 3-4 weeks of investigation time.

Pay close attention to small details and use all your senses so you don’t miss a sign of a cheating husband. Make sure you keep a log book of descriptions, dates and times of all the clues you discover. If you find a clue, make a copy of it if possible. NEVER accuse him of an affair unless you have concrete proof he was cheating because you may have to use this proof in a court of law should you pursue divorce. If you don’t have solid proof, many cheating men lie and make up stories or will call you crazy.

Plan your confrontation out in your mind so you will be prepared and armed with facts and evidence. If you have children, make sure they are in a safe, protected place. In addition, don’t become a cheating wife to get revenge. It only causes more problems and will be used against you.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Its almost midnight already but im still wide awake, i cant sleep I have a lot of things on my mind that keeps on bothering me.Unfortunately im not good on voicing out my emotions to other people even to my family.I`d rather keep it a secret, i don't want to ask other people opinions and get upset or get disappointed later on.I admit I'm a loner i prefer to be alone rather than interact and connect with other people. Sometimes i find it boring i even turn down a lot of social gatherings because i don't want to be around with a lot of people.I am very moody and easily irritated sometimes i get angry for no reason.This year i want to change it and be a happy person once again.I know i can do it with the help of my family.I don't know why I'm giving myself a hard time when there`s so many beautiful reasons I have to be happy.First i have a wonderful and a good provider husband that knows all my flaws and still loves me anyway and of course our pride and joy, our two adorable kids i love them to death.

My goal is to be happy and appreciate life again,I know i can do it. For now i have to checkout to order scrubs for my friends.I have to do it quick so she`ll have it next week.If you are a nurse or working in a medical field you might also want to checkout their website for affordable and quality nursing scrubs.Blue sky scrubs have simpler details and can compete with the prices of other nursing scrubs for sale online while still giving that same look and feel for which blue sky scrubs has become known.

Summer is finally Here

Ohh, how i love summer,cold weather and snow are gone,no more wearing so many layers of clothes to keep us warm.You can go outside without having to bundle up with boots and coats.The summer weather started 2 weeks ago here and we've been enjoying every minute of it.Its nice to get out of the house and chill out outside,a great time to relax or hang out all day long with the family and friends outdoor.I want to make this summer perfectly fun and entertaining all the time for my family and friends.My calendars are already filled with plans for family adventures i cant wait to get started,hopefully after we are done working outside of the house.It needs a little bit more cleaning,we are planning to put mulch in my garden and plants more flowers.

We only need a little bit of work inside the house.We have been cleaning the inside before the summer even start,throwing out things that we don't really need.I even change my drapes or curtains,this time i picked the lime green color.I get a lot of compliments on that,simple yet very elegant.Only one more things that needs to get done is our kitchens floor.We might hire the tile cleaning business Austin to do some cleaning.We want it professionally done this time to make sure our kitchen tile floor is clean good.Its a must if you have kids i don't want them to get sick because of a dirty kitchen floor.Its not that i don't clean it good in fact i clean and mop my kitchen floor every other day.But I'm pretty sure the tile cleaning business Austin can clean it better than me.If you guys want a profesional cleaner vist them at

Are you guys ready for summer? I’m sure there’s many of you who can’t wait for the summer adventure..

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Through thousands of years the feeling of being ‘in love’ has been described as one of the most beautiful ever. A person ‘in love’ is optimistic, humane and most importantly has the ability to love a fellow human being. All through your life you may have many people. These people include parents, relatives, siblings, friends, etc. However, ‘in love’ is different than loving all those around you.

Love is very difficult to describe. This subtle feeling may occur because of a single look, smell, words, appearance can change the way you feel about someone. Though most of the time it is the physical appearance that that plays a huge role in initially attracting someone to you. However, love is not just a physical attraction; it is as spiritual and emotional as physical. Therefore, if people do not vibe will with each other spiritually, physical attraction may wear off soon.

Father of the Bride

This guest post from Lewis Beck

My daughter is going to get married in only two months and I can’t believe my baby girl has gotten so old. It feels like just yesterday I was holding her in my arms at the hospital and here I am about to give her away to another man half my age! She’s deliriously happy, though, and I love Chris, so it makes the whole thing a lot easier. What doesn’t make it easy is the cost of this wedding, which I’m expected to pay for. Who knew that everything involved would be so marked up! The photographer is charging us over five thousand dollars for the photos. For photos! The cake decorator is making a killing, too, asking for thousands to make a great cake. And don’t even get me started on what the caterer has in mind. I’ve been looking for deals online and thankfully there was some good 4g Internet pricing around a couple months ago, so at least I saved some money on that! I’m just going to close my eyes and sign the check!