Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finding the Right One

Navigating the world of dating and relationships today takes equal measures of guts, smarts, patience and a strong dose of optimism. A lot of energy is spent putting on the best face when two people meet for the first time – yet frequently psychological barriers keep us from achieving the objective we so often desire.

If not being in a relationship is holding you back from having the life you crave, let’s work together to:

Set realistic goals. What are you looking for in a relationship, and what is getting in the way of achieving it?

Take a trip down memory lane. Review your past relationships – what has worked and what hasn’t? Is there something that is holding you back from having a healthy relationship?

Make an honest appraisal of the past and make sure it’s not impacting your present and future.
Create a dating plan that suits your level of comfort and commitment. There are so many choices today for single people in regards to how to meet a partner. Create a plan that will work for you.

Learn how to be yourself. It’s always best to be your true and honest self when starting a new relationship. However, many of us have insecurities that hold us back from letting our potential partners know who we really are. Overcome shyness, fear of intimacy and other potential stumbling blocks that may be inhibiting you from moving forward and getting what you want in a relationship.

A little patience can go a long way. Finding the right relationship takes time. It’s important to try to stay positive and optimistic and learn from experiences and mistakes. Feeling desperate or hopeless will only derail the process and make you feel unhappy. Limit the pressure you put on yourself, hang in there and try to enjoy the ride.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Being Healthy

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Characteristics of Lasting Love

First comes that split second of physical attraction. Next, that thrilling feeling of chemistry. But when the veil of romance starts to lift, what’s life really like off the dance floor?
Too often, love is blind. A physical match is essential at the start, but the excitement of a budding new romance eventually wears off. Making thoughtful dating decisions can mean the difference between revolving relationships and finding lasting love.

1. Physical appearanceWhile physical appearance and attraction draw two people together at first, these aspects will affect the rest of their lives. If working out and staying fit is important to you, will it bum you out if your mate doesn’t share your quest for rock-hard abs?

2. Emotional maturityIs this person emotionally mature and centered or still lugging around some trunk-sized baggage? How does your sweetheart relate to family and friends? Is he or she emotionally supportive or have control issues? Is your mate aware of his or her own issues and interested in addressing them?

3. Lifestyle choices
This includes career and social lives, common interests, leisure time activities and energy levels. Would she rather join the bowling league or the metropolitan symphony? Does he have lots of energy for activities with friends while she’d rather rest and chill out at home?

4. Financial compatibility
This is a hot bed for most couples. It includes income levels, savings goals and views on handling money. How do you each want to spend, save and invest? Is one person a spender while the other saves? Is one person financially responsible while the other plays catch-up with child support and bills?

5. Value structure
This area is often overlooked but has a tremendous impact on your life. It includes the big values: honesty, integrity, loyalty, views on family and children, religion and spirituality, life goals and the treatment and care for others. Does your mate follow through on promises made? Would you say this person is trustworthy? Will you always be there for each other in a pinch?

6. Marriage and intimacy
Everyone does not share the same idea of marriage. The big questions to address are: What do you and your mate expect from marriage? Is he or she looking for a soul mate? Do you both want close intimacy beyond the physical aspect, including with your friendships and in private communications with each other?

7. Intelligence
Having similar education levels increases your chances of sharing matching school and social experiences, intellectual interests and career goals. What topics do you and your honey like to talk about? Conversation limited to sports or shopping may get boring to someone who likes to ponder philosophy and bluster about business.

While you don’t have to match exactly in each area, look at the big picture and make sure you match closely enough in the important areas of your life to up your chances of finding a love that will go the distance

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Steam Cleaning

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Thursday, January 20, 2011


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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Being Faitfull

The marriage bond requires commitment to the relationship, while forsaking others. The act of getting married does not, however, keep temptation at bay, even if you love your spouse. There are going to be temptations along the road of marriage.
Watch out for the temptations lurking everywhere in the world, make sure not to allow yourself to be drawn to an attraction, this is a dangerous place. To avoid falling into an affair, avoid the temptations, don't allow them to be stronger.

Knowing that you are attractive to someone makes you feel good but do not have any interaction with this person, that is how the communications progress somewhere you may not want them to go. Don't talk to them alone, if you have a social situation that has to happen don't interact with them unless your spouse is able to be there. This is very strict but to stop it right in the beginning is how you will be able to keep this from going any further.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Having a Baby

Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling experiences a person can have.That's why having children is very important to all married couples.It might be a life changing for both parents,but babies bring families closer together.When i give birth to my first child our life was change completely.Having a baby is hard work but its all worth it,I cant imagine my life without my two kids they are my joy and happiness.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Are you in love?

Do you feel like you're in love? I'm not talking about being crazy, head over heels in love, but more of a peaceful, content and happy feeling of comfort and understanding and shared friendship and communication. When it comes down to it, you will feel when you're in love long before you probably know you’re in love.

Keep in mind that very few teen relationships last forever and ever amen. While some people do grow up and marry their childhood sweethearts, it's very likely that somewhere along the line, you're going to break up, fall in love, and break up and fall in love again. That doesn't mean you can enjoy yourself and the time you spend together, and treasure the love and feelings you have in the moment.

If you trust your heart and temper it with your head, being a teenager can be fun and falling in love and sharing that won't be a painful or awkward experience.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Our tips on kissing are simply give and take, just like a good kisser should be. Giving just enough of your lips and taking the right amount of your partners.

When we learned how to make out we didn't quite learn how to french kiss. We all thought we did, but it seems like as we grew we learned that we didn't know what the hell we were doing! LOL!

That's life though right! You learn through mistakes. The key to kissing is to know that we are all different and not everyone kisses the same way. Learn a law of attraction, passion. You can't go wrong when you are passionate in life.

We all had to learn how to kiss from somewhere. Women had to learn how to kiss a guy and my fellas had to learn how to kiss a girl. Whether your kissing ideas came from t.v. or your kissing tips and tricks came from a friend.

Monday, January 3, 2011


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Marriage Material

What are the qualities you look for in a potential husband or wife?

Have you ever dated someone you were crazy about, yet wished you could change this one little thing about him or her? Have you reveled in the fact that you and your sweetie had almost everything in common, yet you still broke up? Just what is it that we really need to look for in order to promote a successful future with someone?

Perhaps the best way to determine whether he or she is wedding-worthy is to ask yourself a few questions. There are five basic elements that you need to really look at before any relationship can progress towards something truly successful. These elements are as follows: emotional, sexual, intellectual, financial, and spiritual.

Emotional: Take the emotional aspect of a person's makeup. This area includes a person's psychological characteristics, emotional styles and expressions. Perspective on the world, level of self-esteem, confidence, intimacy, ability to share, commit. Weaknesses, strengths, respect of self and others, vanity, attitude. The list goes on...

Sexual: Sexuality means different things to different people. For some, it means the physical act itself, perhaps something wild, while for others, romance and expression play an important part. A few traits to keep in mind when looking for a partner might be level of interest, romance, attraction, love, variations, response, monogamy, communication, risk taking, playfullness, awareness of STDs, and physical appearance.

Intellectual: How a person thinks about the world he or she inhabits, and how they interact day to day. Some people are casual and some thrive on being type A personalities. A person's intellectual style influences would include expression of ideas, level of education, sense of humor, goals, skills, hobbies, mistakes, converasation and learning styles, interest and quickness of thought.

Financial: Money affects everyone. How one treats it tells much about him or her, and can make the difference between a comfortable life and a life of living Hell, so it's important to be compatible in this area. Pay attention to spending style, lifestyle, goals, retirement, savings and ideas about money and debt in general.

Spiritual: Spiritually doesn't necessarily mean a person's religious orientation, rather a basic belief system about life in general. A sense of self, a reason for living. It includes beliefs about ethics, the importance of religion, purpose of life, optimism, acceptance of others, integrity, honesty, responsibility and social values.

Whenever you are interested in someone, it's important to know her views on each of the five components. The more areas of comparability, the stronger the foundation of the relationship will be. People can have differences, but it adds strain to a relationship. Observe and communicate, and hopefully, you will be able to catch differences early on, to avoid pain later.