Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I had fun with my family today, we just get home from dinner few minutes ago. I missed our family time together, since i started working i don't have much time to bond with them anymore. I'm glad that my husband and I don't have to work today. We take the kids to their favorite restaurant which is 30 minutes drive from our house.

I was so nervous when my husband asked me to drive to the place, It was actually my first time driving that far, i usually just drive in our neighborhood and sometimes from our house to my work. My husband said that i did a great job with my driving, but I'm still nervous when I'm behind the wheels. I need more practice and hopefully by the end of this year i will have my drivers license. I already have my own car and my only problem is car insurance.Couple days ago my my husband was looking for affordable vehicle insurance online, so hopefully we can find one that will fit our budget. We don't want to pay tons of money just for the car insurance, the cheaper the better.

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