Tuesday, May 1, 2012


My oldest son which is 5 years old is always asking us if we could get him a puppy. Everytime his birthday come he always tell us that he wants a puppy as a birthday presents. We dont want to disappoint him but  we dont think we are ready to have a pet in our house. He is not big enough  to have a pet and he obviosly doesnt know how to take care of them yet. We all know how hard it is to own a pets, pet ownership come with obligations and  responsiblity, they are like a kids too that needs your attention all the time.

We promised him that when he is big enough  we are going to buy him one. Im glad that he understand us and didn't throw a fit like most kids do when they didnt get what they want. Anyway if you are a pet owner you should visit www.petsaware.com. This website is very helpful to all pet owner, there are a lot of information you could get like, how to take care of your pets and how to be a  responsible owner .So to all pet owner out there, head to their website now for helpful tips and  information about Pets Aware Pet Shop and Pet Care .

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