Friday, May 18, 2012

Want to have a beautiful Garden?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

How i love the weather today, not too cold and not too hot either, I wish it will stay like this forever. I had fun playing with my kids outside, I'm glad i didn't work today i spent most of my time playing and cleaning our backyard and front yard. It was a perfect day to do some spring cleaning, I'm already halfway done, hopefully i will get done soon. Summer is almost here and  I'm not even starting  with my gardeningn yet.

My husband and I decided not to have a vegetable garden anymore only flower garden this year. We are tired of planting vegetables because the deer always eat all the leaves and they ended up dying. I cant wait to start planting flowers again but this time i want to try the Whitney Farms organic plant food . Last year i wasn't using any plant food with my gardening and the result wasn't that impressive. I regret it, my flower doesn't look very healthy so hopefully this year i will achieve the garden i want with the help of Whitney Farms®.

Below are the benefits you will get if you used Whitney Farms® for your gardening 

-low to no dust
-no manure odor
-easy to apply
-Contains beneficial microbes
-Specially designed protein-based blends provide your plants with
both macro and micronutrients they need to grow and thrive.

Unlike conventional plant food, Whitney Farms organic plant food will  improve your garden and their organic soil will give you big, beautiful flowers and veggies. The good news is you can now try out Whitney Farms with the $3 coupon by visiting their website. Hurry and get your coupon now! Below is the garden i would love to have.....

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Organic Plant Food



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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Lots of people love drinking wines because there is some scientific explanations say that there's lot of good benefits we can get from drinking wines.They say that wine can improve our digestion and promote relaxation.Red wine that came from the grape fruits also known as iron contains wine,a necessary mineral for oxygen transport to the body.They also say that drinking wines are important to our health but not to everybody.People with diabetes,liver disorders and pregnant women should avoid alcohol consume.

In the party we used to serve wines for the guests and some make wine as a partner in their balance diet.Almost everybody have stocks of wines in home.My husband and I use to drink wine before bedtime and it gives us deep sleep in the whole night.Wines has a lot of use for our health and for any social gatherings.And if you are looking for a good quality of wines to serve and to drink,you must  check out serenata wines , you can also buy serenata flowers on internet by visiting their website. Their wines are fine and can be a good present to anybody you want to give.They have Italian Wines,French Wines and Other Countries Wines.They also have many varieties of red wine and white wine to choose.Their wines for gift are packed perfectly to make it as a special present for any special celebrations.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


My oldest son which is 5 years old is always asking us if we could get him a puppy. Everytime his birthday come he always tell us that he wants a puppy as a birthday presents. We dont want to disappoint him but  we dont think we are ready to have a pet in our house. He is not big enough  to have a pet and he obviosly doesnt know how to take care of them yet. We all know how hard it is to own a pets, pet ownership come with obligations and  responsiblity, they are like a kids too that needs your attention all the time.

We promised him that when he is big enough  we are going to buy him one. Im glad that he understand us and didn't throw a fit like most kids do when they didnt get what they want. Anyway if you are a pet owner you should visit This website is very helpful to all pet owner, there are a lot of information you could get like, how to take care of your pets and how to be a  responsible owner .So to all pet owner out there, head to their website now for helpful tips and  information about Pets Aware Pet Shop and Pet Care .


I had fun with my family today, we just get home from dinner few minutes ago. I missed our family time together, since i started working i don't have much time to bond with them anymore. I'm glad that my husband and I don't have to work today. We take the kids to their favorite restaurant which is 30 minutes drive from our house.

I was so nervous when my husband asked me to drive to the place, It was actually my first time driving that far, i usually just drive in our neighborhood and sometimes from our house to my work. My husband said that i did a great job with my driving, but I'm still nervous when I'm behind the wheels. I need more practice and hopefully by the end of this year i will have my drivers license. I already have my own car and my only problem is car insurance.Couple days ago my my husband was looking for affordable vehicle insurance online, so hopefully we can find one that will fit our budget. We don't want to pay tons of money just for the car insurance, the cheaper the better.

Why Relationshil Fail

Remember that people usually get married only after they have sifted through many potential partners, finally choosing the one they believe will provide them with the fulfillment of their dreams. Ideally, marriages should be the cream of all relationships, the best of the best.
And yet 60% of these dream relationships end in divorce, and the vast majority of those who remain married are settling for far less than they had once hoped for. When troubled couples come to me for counseling, invariably they ask some variation on the question, “What happened?” Both partners are absolutely befuddled, wondering how they could possibly have moved from being soulmates to being combatants.
In their attempts to understand what happened, it’s unavoidable that each partner would blame the other. After all, they reason, their partner once “made them happy,” and now that happiness is gone. The inescapable conclusion is that their partner has somehow failed them, somehow withdrawn the joy they once magically dispensed at the beginning of the relationship.
But you understand the real reason relationships fail. When two people enter into a relationship without sufficient Real Love, their relationship is virtually doomed from the beginning. Most relationships are guaranteed to fail from the word “Hello”—no matter how wonderfully they get along in the beginning—because both parties lack the one ingredient most essential to genuine happiness and fulfilling relationships. In the beginning of their association they achieve the illusion of happiness only because they give one another enough Imitation Love. It’s better than anything they’ve had before, so it seems real. Then, when the effects of Imitation Love begin to wear off—as they always do—they’re left with the horrifying realization that their dreams have turned into so much dust.
Relationships fail not because of what each partner does or does not do. Relationships fail because they are not built on a foundation of Real Love, but instead are based on a counterfeit currency that can never buy happiness.