Sunday, March 4, 2012

Useful Tool

How much time do you spend on the net? As for me i use it everyday, in fact i stay on line longer than i intended. My life would not be complete without my computer.I use my computer to keep in touch with my friends and family,i also use it to do shopping online, get recipes, beauty tips, health tips and a lot more. I don't know what my life would be without it, computer has helped me a lot in many ways and I'm very thankful to the people who invented the computer.

Just recently I have been having problems remembering all the website i have visited. Especially the cooking websites where i get all my recipes, every time i needed it i have to search all over again. Good thing a friend of mine introduced me with clipix . With clipix you can now save and organize everything you find online in one place. Why waste your time searching all over again when you can actually save it in one place. This is a FREE tool and the good news you can make clipboards for anything, such as your favorite articles, books, recipes, and a whole lot more.

You have to be a member to use clipix, once you are a member you can now start making a clipboards. Open the website that you want to save then drag a bookmark called the "Clip" button to your bookmarks bar. It's quick and easy, you can also customize your clipboards the way you want it.

I have been using this amazing tool for two weeks now and i really love it. A very useful tool especially when you are a busy working mom like me. What are you waiting for sign up now and start organizing your stuff online its FREE and simple. Don't forget to leave a comment below what you're going to use clipix for, i will appreciate it. Below is the screen shot of one of my clipboards and the video about clipix.

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