Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hardcore cooker in a small spot

Guest post written by Penny Sims

My hobby has always been cooking. My boyfriend even jokes that that's why he keeps me around, but I know that it really is just a joke.

When I moved into my apartment, which was a bit smaller than my last but in a more upscale neighborhood, I came across an CLEAR Internet offer and switched over to that service. I wanted to decorate my apartment a lot differently and put more time and effort into it than my last one, which I really didn't care about.

I consulted a lot of design blogs and came up with a great solution to storing my pots and pans so I would be able to have more room to store my ingredients and spices in my kitchen cabinets. I bought one of those racks that you hang up on the back of a door to hang clothes, coats and purses and hung it up over my sink. It was a lot easier than hanging up inidividual hooks and it only cost me about two bucks.

That got me thinking about some other easy solutions and I think I'm going to do just fine in this new space.

The Nails in Your Fence

The concept of thanksgiving is so important and the words we say can help. This inspiratinal thanksgiving story of a little girl who has problems controlling her bad temper not only learnt how to control it but also learnt the meaning of friendship and how sometimes, the things we say actually hurt the people we love.
There once was a little girl who had a bad temper. Her mother gave her a bag of nails and told her that every time she lost her temper, she must hammer a nail into the back of the fence.

The first day the girl had driven 37 nails into the fence. Over the next few weeks, as she learned to control her anger, the number of nails hammered daily gradually dwindled down. She discovered it was easier to hold her temper than to drive those nails into the fence.

Finally the day came when the girl didn't lose her temper at all. She told her mother about it and the mother suggested that the girl now pull out one nail for each day that she was able to hold her temper. The days passed and the young girl was finally able to tell her mother that all the nails were gone. The mother took her daughter by the hand and led her to the fence.

She said, "You have done well, my daughter, but look at the holes in the fence. The fence will never be the same. When you say things in anger, they leave a scar just like this one."

You can put a knife in a person and draw it out. It won't matter how many times you say "I'm sorry", the wound is still there. A verbal wound is as bad as a physical one.

Friends are very rare jewels, indeed. They make you smile and encourage you to succeed. They lend an ear, they share words of praise and they always want to open their hearts to us.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Titanium Flat Irons

I'm planning to buy a new flat iron or straightening iron after my son broke my old one.Flat iron is a handy and useful beauty tool for anyone who was not born with naturally straight hair.Unfortunately I'm one of them,i was born with wavy hair,flat iron helps me alot to get rid of my curls.Flat iron is for anyone who wants to transform their wavy or curly hair into smooth and straight hair.This time i want to get a quality hair straightener.I might get the Titanium plate Flat Irons,i have read a lot of good reviews of this product.

The titanium plate technology will give you a healthy,shiny hair without damage or dryness.For more information about titanium plate visit or read the articles at plates in these titanium flat irons are smooth, hard and solid, and will treat your hair kindly during the straightening process.What i love about these Titanium plate Flat Irons is, it heats up faster than ceramic.I hate waiting especially when im in a hurry,so this would be awesome. Hopefully i can find one that will suit my budget.Crossing my finger.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beverly Hills 90210

Contributed by Johnny Graves

Beverly Hills 90210 was a great TV show that all teenagers loved. Do you remember what it was like in high school? Were you growing up during that time? I can remember being in high school and watching that show. Dylan was the resident heartthrob that everyone wanted to date. Brandon was the boy next door while Steve was a friend everyone wanted to have. Donna, Kelly and Brenda balanced these guys out nicely and each had a distinctive personality so any teenage girl could relate to at least one of them.

The love triangle between Kelly, Brandon and Dylan kept many of us hooked on the show while others watched to see what Donna would do next. It seems like the cast touched on every subject important to teens over the years. This included substance abuse, bulimia, domestic violence and abortion. Every teen found something to love in this great show and it is easy to see why. Teens of today still love it and many adults celebrate the day it premiered by watching old episodes. Beverly Hills 90210 is going to remain an important part of American culture for many years to come and I am thrilled that I can watch it on direct tv texas.

Friday, September 24, 2010

You Should Meet How I Met Your Mother

Thanks for the post from Lynn Guy

Every Monday night, my husband and I have a tradition. We hold off dinner until later in the evening, play with our baby girl, and once she's in bed, curl up in front of direct tv washington and watch sitcoms. One of our favorites is How I Met Your Mother on CBS. This show is always good for a laugh, and isn't as dumbed down as other sitcoms out there.

If you're not aware, How I Met Your Mother is a show that follows a group of five friends - narrator Ted (played by Josh Radnor), womanizer Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), quirky Robin (Cobie Smulders), and married couple Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall (Jason Segel) - through their everyday life and times in New York City. While Ted is the narrator, he is not doing so in the show, exactly. Instead, a voiceover is looking back at his life, recalling stories of his youth to unseen children.

The latest season starts on Monday, September 20 at 8:00pm. You can be sure I'll be sitting in front of my tv, getting ready to laugh.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Be True To Yourself

Never attempt to delete those words in your heart and mind. For they are a valuable treasure, that can aid and lead youTo understand who you are. Never be afraid to accept who you are.Think positively and believe in yourself,so you can be able to accept and appreciate who you are.Always bear in mind you are a unique individual.Created by the loving hands of the Almighty God.He created you with special purpose, to plant and spread seeds Of your uniqueness and productivity in this land.Never be discouraged or afraid of negative comments or feedback.Welcome them with an open-mind, for these can also help and guide you.To become a well-grown individual.

If you have an enemy, remember never to hate him.When you hate him, you give him power over you.Power over your thinking, your sleep, your health and happiness.Your hatred is not hurting him at all.It only turns your days and nights into a hellish turmoil. Remember the best strategies to deal an enemy.Prayer, love, forgiveness, humility, open-mindedness,reconciliation, smile, tactfulness, and service.Start now to apply those precepts in yourself,So you can be able to win favor from God And live at peace with your enemy.

As you travel in the games of life,Always remember to think innovation of your being. For that's the one and only key to excel in this land.Remember that a gifted man will stand before kings,A simple man will serve the skilled and kings! Therefore, always be true to yourself.Remember God love you so much!He cares and believes in you!

Concerts in Vegas

Guest post written by Nancy Allen

Vegas really does have something for everybody. Well, OK maybe not everybody. But it has lots of stuff for a lot of very different people. It definitely has something for me, including a lot of concerts and musicals.

I live a car trip that isn't that far away from Vegas so when someone I like schedules a concert in Vegas, I always make sure to go to it. Plus, a lot of the time I'm make a trip for a couple of days out of it while I'm at it.

I've been to see a lot of concerts there, including Dave Matthews, Nickelback and even The Who a long time ago. But I think that all of those things have probably taken a really big toll on my hearing or it at least seems that way now. I had been putting it off for a while but I finally went to Miracle Ear and got some hearing aids a few weeks ago.

I'm going to a concert in about a month and I'm really looking forward to it because I've never been to one of their concerts. I think I'm going to enjoy this one even more now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A New Guest Bathroom Theme

This guest post from Doris Dillon

Ever since the kids were little, we have had a frog bathroom. The towels, the wallpaper and even the soapdish are all little green froggies with blue eyes, sitting on a lilly pad. I wanted to change it up, but just wasn't sure what to do. However, the other day, I was on the internet we have with our direct tv internet combo deal and went online to find all kinds of cute kids' bathroom ideas. I had no idea how many options we really had.

I decided on going with an "Under the Sea" kind of theme with seashells and all types of colorful fish. It still looks like it's for kids, but just a little more mature. we picked out just about everything that we need and the painting is going to take place next weekend. Each of the kids is going to have a friend over and they can all just take a wall. I can't wait to see the finished product. There is just something fun about setting out to create something new and update the home.

The kids don't know yet, but I even found an idea for how to paint a fish tank mural onto the wall behind the shower. I'm thinking that I'll get started one day while they are at school

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tire Chain

Where did the summer go?Summer is quickly coming to an end,now the winter is almost here.We did enjoy the summer though and that`s what matter most.Its hard to believe how time is flying by so quickly,way to fast.The temperature is started to drop and leaves are falling, winter will be here before we know it.Now that summer is over,snow is near.But I’m not quite ready for snow yet.

And since winter is just around the corner,it is important to be prepared for the snow.Snow can be a pain especially when you are driving,but when you are prepared it can be a fun experience.You can avoid many dangerous winter travel problems by preparing ahead.Do you know how to prepare your car for winter?Tire chains is an important piece of equipment when driving in the snow.People who live in cold and snowy areas should get a tire chain.Get more information about tire chain at website help you determine which snow chains is right for your car.You should visit their website first before you go ahead and buy a tire chains.
Be prepared for ice or snow.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Money to Pay Your Bills

Money is tight right now due to the bad economy.Most people don't have the money to pay all their bills.Its really hard if you cannot make your monthly bill payments,it can ruin your credit.The worst thing could happen,they will come to take some of your possessions or you can even land in jail.Every month my husband sit down and pay each and every one of our bills.He always makes sure to pay our bills on time to stay out of trouble.Falling behind on bill payments is a serious matter that can haunt us for years.

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Knowing Yourself

Control, fear, doubt and anger; these are the real deadly killers of the human race. We hurt ourselves by feeling these emotions and we hurt others by directing these emotions at them.

But what if we could direct unconditional love to whomever we meet? What then? Could we help the world be a better place? Maybe, maybe not but we'd certainly help ourselves. Why do we let other people hurt us? Because we put expectations on them, expectations that we ourselves have failed to live up to with others.

If you love someone you feel it and that feeling is yours. Look at children. We still love our children when they disappoint us why not our workmates, teachers, friends and most of all partners? It's because we put conditions on what we give out.

Who hasn't bought a present or done a job around the house expecting something in return - why? If you want to help someone or give something you choose to do it because you want to, not for "Brownie Points". No other reason than just because you want to - that is showing love.

You can help an old lady with her groceries and it feels good so why not with everything else?

When you learn that giving love without expectation is the purest of all faith, then and only then, will you be on the road to really knowing yourself.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Quorn Recipe Book

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People choose to become a vegetarian for many different reasons.Religious and health issues are among the most common reasons for choosing to be a vegetarian.I believed that it is really a healthy diet and some say it should help people live longer. Being a vegetarian is great for some people,but i don't think i can handle the restrictions of no dairy or meat.I just can't give up meat in my diet but i could possibly reduced my meat consumption.

But anyway, if you're a vegetarian check out the new Quorn vegetarian recipe book.Whether you're new to Quorn or just looking for inspiration,they`ve got loads of quick and healthy recipes for you to try.Quorn products are quick to prepare and good for you and your family, as they're a great source of protein and many are low in fat.Get the book for only £2.99 and it comes with two promotional pack’s of Quorn.I would definitely purchase this book,especially since my mother in law is trying to eat more vegetarian meals.You can also look at the videos below for more ideas.These videos show some great vegetarian dishes that can be made with Quorn.

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Failure, they say, is the best teacher. We learn and have more confidence in what we know through trial and error, which onetime or another has resulted in failure. You don't have to accept your failure if what you really want to achieve is success.

For every successful achievement, there have been one or more failures. But those who we call successful are those who refuse to accept failure and believe success is the other side of failure.

The incandescent light was invented after 1000 failures. Assuming he had stopped after he tried 100 times without the desire result, what would have been the result of such effort?

Any time you see products and new inventions, think in term of failures that are not accepted. Moreover, everything in a microform today is a result of failure not accepted.

Any time your effort is not bringing a desired result, you don't have to call it a failure. Call it a challenge. What is the difference between the two? One is negative, the other is positive; one motivates, the other demotivates.

What you need is positive thinking and motivation to attain success. Failure is an end thing; challenge is an open thing. Failure means there is no way out, no alternative, but a challenge is a question mark asking another way out of the situation, an alternative solution to the problem, the job at hand.

Keep dreaming keep moving; that is the solution to success.

A wise man once said if you cannot fly, run. If you cannot run, walk. If you cannot walk, crawl; just keep on moving.

If you fall down, you have to get up and start moving. If not, other people will step on you towards their achievement. What you call failure and abandon is what someone will step into with just a little additional effort to reach achievement.

Address Plaques

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Personal Loans for Bad Credit

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


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Monday, September 13, 2010

Myrtle Beach

When planning a vacation,a beach vacation is always our first choice.My husband and I is fascinated by water and love to spend a lot of time on the water as much as we could.We have been to several areas in florida and Mexico,this time we would like to try somewhere new.Myrtle Beach maybe? I have heard nothing but positive feedback in this place.We might book an Myrtle Beach hotel one of these days.Let see!
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Five Reasons Why Guy Dont Call

When it comes to off-putting dating behavior, men commit plenty of dumb moves. He wears sneakers at a nice restaurant. He goes on and on about his boring job. He asks you pretty much nothing about yourself… and still tries for a good-night kiss at the end of the date (as if). If you find yourself on a date like this, I don’t blame you for passing on another encounter. But what about those cases where the guy does win you over… and yet never calls again? Have you ever stopped to wonder what went wrong? While you might think winning a man’s heart largely boils down to your looks, you’re wrong. Below are five key things that well-intentioned women do that make men bail. Keep them in mind as you search for your Mr. Right.

Reason #1: You talk, but don’t listen
Women are sharers. It’s culturally ingrained. You may talk to your best friend or mom five times a day and think nothing of it. Every detail is relevant, and nothing can be left out in the telling of a story. Problem is, men don’t generally communicate that way. So try to consider the ebb and flow of a normal conversation. If he hasn’t spoken in awhile, ask him a question (and not a vague “So tell me about you,” which will make feel self-conscious and put on the spot). If he’s telling a story, try doing a follow-up query instead of refocusing the spotlight on yourself (“You like to travel? Let me tell you about how I backpacked through the Amazon!”). And if it’s occurred to you that you haven’t yet learned a thing about your date, try listening for a bit. It’s not that we’re not interested in getting to know you, it’s that we’d be thrilled if you were interested in getting to know us, too. Browse Local Singles at on Yahoo!

Reason #2: You use conversation as therapy
Talking about your evil ex-boyfriend. Talking about your hatred of your job. Talking about your strained relationship with your mother. It’s not that the bad stuff is irrelevant, it’s that it’s inappropriate. Being negative might be an effective way of winning an election, but it’s not exactly endearing on a date. Even if you feel compelled to touch on such subjects, consider your tone when doing so. And consider how you’d feel if a man were to share his inner turmoil with you too soon.

Reason #3: You’re a little too enthusiastic about him
It’s normal to get excited about a date with potential. It’s normal to consider what kind of husband that date might be. It was also normal to write your grade school crush’s name on the back of your notebook… but you wouldn’t show it to him, would you? Of course not! There’s an unwritten rule in dating that governs the energy flow between a man and a woman: when one party tries too hard, the other party pulls back. If a stranger has ever bought you a costly gift on the first date or called you seven times the day after you had coffee, you know what I mean. We’re not saying you should act cold; just don’t get carried away in front of him. Keep your projections to yourself until you have a better idea whether your affections are reciprocated or not.

Reason #4: Your idea of chit-chat is politics, religion and other heavy topics
So you don’t complain about your ex, your boss or your mom. But you have a bone to pick with the President, the U.N. and the Pope. Hey, if your date is up for a surprise appearance on Meet the Press, that’s cool. Just know that not everybody likes to swim in the deep end of the pool so early. Sometimes, you’re better off sticking with banter about favorite travel spots or good movies or even funny online dates from the past. It’s not that intellectual topics should be off-limits, but until you know where someone lands on the political spectrum, you may want to tread lightly.

Reason #5: You’re not relating to him — you’re testing him
Dating should be fun. Getting to know a fascinating stranger, sharing information about yourself to an interested date… these are the things that keep us optimistic about the process. Where it all goes wrong is when you inadvertently turn him into a defendant and yourself into the prosecuting attorney. “How long was your last relationship?” “Where do you see yourself in two years?” “Do you want kids someday?” The answers to these questions are really important — they may well determine whether you choose to see him again — but great dates do not occur on a hot seat or under a microscope. Try reading between the lines instead of asking him these things point-blank.

Mesothelioma Cancer

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Vinyl Siding Project

This is a guest post by Mark Alterson

Painting a home is a pain. It chips and eventually looks bad again. We decided to install vinyl siding ourselves, although we bought some sears vinyl siding beforehand. Having a ranch made it easy, and more affordable. Although it can be done alone, my husband recruited his friends to help.

Choosing the type of siding is difficult. My husband wanted dutch lap and I agreed. But there are so many color choices. Making sure it matched my new roof, we went with a beige. We purchased the materials from the local supply company, and we already had the tools. A good ladder, a table saw with a reverse blade, and some nails were the biggest materials that we needed.

Once we started the project the guys prepared the house, prepped the windows, and wrapped them with pre-formed window molding. Installing the vinyl siding seemed like a relatively smooth process. One guy measured, one cut the siding, and my husband installed it. It seemed to just fit together, one over another. I am sure it's more difficult, but I'm a girl. It got a little more tricky around sliding doors, windows and up into the eaves. They did it and it looked great.

We also went with some super corners in a cool white color and I loved it. The rake edge trim was a little hard to do and it looked awesome when it was finished. I am very happy with my home's new face. If you are mechanically inclined, you can do it too.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Infrared Saunas

I love my infrared sauna!It is the best purchase i have ever made.With my home sauna,i can enjoy sauna sessions as often as i would like to and at my own convenient time.I spend 30 minutes every afternoon and before going to bed.Infrared saunas, are relaxing,it helps in relaxation by relieving stress.It will also help you loss weight and improve blood circulation.Before saunas are only available in gyms and health club but not anymore,it is easy to have a home sauna now.You can put the home sauna anywhere in your home.It is very easy to assemble,the one that we had takes only 30 minutes to assembled.You can also easily disassemble it and move it together with you.What i love most about our home sauna,it has a built in amplifier in it.So its not so boring while you are inside.Its good for 2 to 3 people so it has a plenty of room to move around.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Fascinating Flirting Facts

So you’ve mastered the art of eye contact and can beckon a romantic prospect with just a few coy glances… but do you really know all there is to know about the fine art of flirting? Just to make sure you’re up to speed, we culled some very surprising information that you can use to your advantage. Read on for some juicy tidbits that may up your meet-cute quotient in no time.

1. Flirting is good for you. Studies show that people who flirt have higher white blood-cell counts, which boost both immunity and health.

2. Think batting your eyelashes is enough? Wrong! All told, scientists say there are 52 “flirting signals” used by humans. Of these, the hair-flip technique is the most common.

3. In some places, flirting is illegal. In Little Rock, AR, an antiquated law is still on the books warning that engaging in playful banter may result in a 30-day jail term. In New York City, another outdated law mandates that men may be fined $25 for gazing lasciviously at a female; a second conviction stipulates the offender wear a pair of blinders whenever he goes out for a walk.

4. Why wait for Friday? Lots of people get their flirt on during their morning commute. A full 62 percent of drivers have flirted with someone in a different vehicle while on the go, and 31 percent of those flirtations, it turns out, resulted in a date.

5. Flirting need not occur face to face. According to the Pew Research Center, 40 percent of people who look for love online say they can easily flirt with someone via email or IM.

6. In the Victorian era, fans were the ultimate playful props that could communicate all sorts of messages. A fan placed near the heart meant “You have won my love.” A half-opened fan pressed to the lips was an invitation, saying, “You may kiss me.” Hiding the eyes behind an open fan meant “I love you,” while opening and closing the fan several times was a chastisement, implying, “You are cruel.” Given how much a fan could come in handy, it’s a shame they ever invented air conditioning.

7. These days, cell phones do the flirting for you. In one survey, half of all mobile phone users have texted flirty messages to keep things interesting while separated from their amour.

8. Watch out; you can overdo it. According to the Social Issues Research Centre, the most common mistake people make when flirting is maintaining too much eye contact.

9. Sometimes, flirty gestures aren’t what they seem to be. Research has shown that men tend to routinely mistake friendly behavior for flirting.

10. Flirting is universal. A woman living in New York City and one in rural Cambodia may not have much in common, but when it comes to attracting a little attention, they both employ the very same move: smiling, arching their eyebrows, then averting their gaze and giggling. Animals flirt, too: birds, reptiles, and even fish have their own way of making romantic advances. The moral of the story: If the simple sea bass can act cute in order to further a romantic agenda, you can, too — so give it a go!

Athlete's Foot

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Love at first sight

Love at first sight is an emotional condition whereby a person feels romantic attraction for a stranger on the first encounter with the stranger. The term may be used to refer to a mere sexual attraction or crush, but it usually refers to actually falling in love with someone literally the very first time one sees him or her, along with the deep desire to have an intimate relationship with that person. The stranger may or may not be aware that the other person has any such notion, and may not even be aware of the other person's presence (such as in a crowded place). Sometimes two people experience this phenomenon towards each other at the same time, usually when their eyes meet

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Penning a memoir

Guest post written by Jessen Burns

Creative writing and poetry was always something that I loved taking in school. I also dabbled in it during my adult life but never really did anything with it, which I deeply regret. But I decided it was time to stop wondering what if and go ahead and write my memoir because I have some great stories to tell.

I realize that other people may not even care to read my memoir and I’m not sure if I’m going to try and get it published or not, but I’m getting pleasure out of just putting it down on paper, or I guess a computer screen .

As part of the project I interviewed my mom to clear up certain things about my childhood that were kind of cloudy. During the interview I had to keep asking her to repeat herself, not because I’m a slow writer though. I was typing away. It’s just that I had a hard time understanding everything she was saying. After that I looked up hearing aids cost and bought some.

I’m not sure if that will make it into my memoir, but I’m not ruling it out just yet.

Follow Your Heart

When you love someone, let them know... You never know what will happen the next minute.... Learn to build a life together.. Learn to love each other. For who they are.. not what they are... This is so apt because in this materialistic world, everyone seems so consumed about looks and the things that are not of importance!

Never ever ever wait to tell someone these 3 important words. We might depart from this world anytime and not letting someone know how much you love them will be so regretful. So make sure you tell the person you love your feelings for them. As they say, you can never tell anyone too many times how much you love them